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There's this saying that beauty requires suffering. Which loosely translates to mean that it should be painful to beautify oneself. So like, if you're not crying in agony: you've decided to look ugly. Huh? Yeah, exactly. That sounds weird.

On the one hand, you have to go through Chinese water torture to look hot, and if you're kicking back in your yoga pants on your sofa, you're ugly? Oh-kay. Something smells rotten in Denmark.

We must strongly disagree with this theory. Although, maybe at some point in history, it was true. Like when the Romans wore lead on their face, which hurt a lot and made people insane (because lead leads to insanity). Or 100 years ago in America when people wore rat poison on their face. What? Yeah, Google it.

Society today is not perfect, but we certainly have many options when it comes to making ourselves hot looking. And just because we don't have Kim Kardashian's bank account, that doesn't mean we have to kick back in defeat and declare ourselves "not hot." Screw that noise.

We believe everyone has the right to look hot, regardless of status, skin color or bank account. In this visual era, where almost everyone is hot, why shouldn't you have that right? Regardless of your debts, profession or religion. You should be able to buy a bar of soap, if you want to smell nice. Or buy laundry detergent, if you want your clothes to smell nice. Or trash bags, if you want your house to look nice.(For when you bring your date back home).

We want to make a deal with you. A beauty deal. Whether you're looking at your apartment or mirror or smelling your armpit, we want you to feel beautiful... for as little as possible. That's the deal we want to make with you. Don't let yourself go, just because you're tight this week. Deal? Shake on it. I see you don't have nail polish for those beautiful hands. Go to our site, abeautydeal.com and see what's up.

Everyday at abeautydeal.com, we will offer you another way to beautify yourself, your surroundings, your baby, who looks beautiful we're sure; but might be beautifuler (oops… is that a word in the dictionary?) if he didn't smell like he needed a diaper change.

Everyday, there will be a different crazy deal featuring soaps, deodorants and shampoos. Every beauty tool will be promoted at some point in the form of some unbelievable deal that will make your eyes bulge with disbelief. That won’t be your most beautiful moment. But no one will be looking at your right then, unless if the NSA is after you. Your most beautiful moment will come later, after you spent as little as possible on basic beauty products, exercising your basic right to look basically beautiful. That's your right. Exercise it. We don't mean, wake up at 6am and run 5 miles, mind you. Do that if you want, but then take a shower and wear that deodorant you bought on abeautydeal.com so that you can go to work looking and smelling absolutely beautiful!

Remember, you made a deal. Check out abeautydeal.com daily (check your Facebook thereafter). Everyday, there will be a different wild offer that will last only 24 hours (if there were more hours per day, we would keep it on for more, so don't blame us, we didn't invent the 24 hour cycle. In fact, we didn't invent anything. We're just trying to make it easy to make you hot). Everyday, after the sun comes up and goes down, then goes up again, take a gander at abeautydeal.com and feel zero pain for looking seriously beautiful!

Beauty’s No Pain At All!

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