Clorox Odor Defense Air & Fabric Spray, Clean Air Scent, 32 Ounce (Pack Of 9)
Enhance your cleaning process by actively eliminating odors between cleanings and tackle your toughest, smelliest odors with Odor Defense Air and Fabric Spray. With ICE technology, this professional cleaner is scientifically formulated to quickly identify, capture and eliminate odors from the air and on fabrics, leaving nothing but a clean air scent. Odor eliminator is designed for hard and soft surfaces that are notorious for trapping odors. Plus, it removes odors on soft, absorbent surfaces like carpet and mattresses or hard, porous surfaces like grout. Long-lasting formula destroys the toughest odors, including urine, vomit, feces, mildew, smoke and body odor, for up to 6 hours.Clorox Commercial Solutions Odor Defense Air/Fabric Spray, Clean Air, 32oz Bottle (Pack Of 9)
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